Step 1
Get the flyer

Print out the flyer or grab one at a participating nursery (see list here)

Step 2
Visit the nurseries!

Now for the fun part… visit the nurseries on February 28 or 29. It doesn’t matter in which order, it’s up to you! While you’re there, check out what each individual nursery offers, ask questions, and get inspired.

Remember to have each Nursery you visit stamp your flyer!

Check out the Local Nursery Crawl Facebook page for updates.

Step 3
Collect stamps, enter raffle

After you have collected 5 stamps, get entered into a raffle at that nursery. The prize is for a $25 gift certificate.

Step 4
Feel good about supporting your local nurseries

Now that you know all about our amazing local nurseries, we hope you’ll visit them for all your garden and landscape needs.